Shalom Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Messiah Yahshua. Jesus the Christ!

Here are links to our websites and a brief ministry update for your prayer lists.

This is our main ministry website. However, we are actively engaging those we disciple from more than 7 nations and in 7 languages so far through a wide variety of social media. Is it working? Yes! Since we started, we are touching more than 350 people every week.  

We are started our Real Discipleship teachings May 19, 2013 and we have chosen to use the Facebook format for this site. This along with the BlogTalk Radio link forms a powerful team for your daily walk. On our Real discipleship link we post teachings, along with homework, nightly. On BlogTalk Radio we cover the teaching the next morning. But don't skip out from listening to our Radio Episodes as we uncover nuggets that will enhance the notes from Facebook.

This is also how we can easily keep you informed concerning the many ministry needs. This is especially important for our children in Ponnur who need a special site all of their own! 

Here are links to our websites and a brief ministry update for your prayer lists.

Real Discipleship Is Daily Luke 9 verse 23 is our primary teaching site. Notes can be copied and pasted for easy reference on and off line.

This is our Blog Talk Radio link which aired 15-20 minutes daily. Due to the demands of homeschooling, and being bi-vocational we have place this ministry on hold for a season. Prayerfully our ministry support will increase so we can restart the daily teachings. You can listen to our archives here…enjoy! Remember the teaching notes are found on the Facebook Real Discipleship page.

This is my blogger site which is updated monthly:

This site is new so you can keep "in touch" with our children and our 1st orphanage in Ponnur called, “Mummy Ana’s Children’s Home.”

This site, on Facebook, has been up-and-running since 2010 and we now reach 37 nations in 11 languages and engage more than 2,500 people weekly!

Here is our new Ministry Facebook Page and a link to Bayith Tephillah's Website! If you are ever in the Greater Columbus Ohio region, we would be delighted to meet with you!

Currently we have 11 ministry partners in India of these 4 are considered "Key Ministry Partners" and we are focused on developing these and other ministry relationships as we are able. 

Reach those we can...Pray for those we cannot...Go where we are sent...Send where we are told to send...Simple. 

We still have minister throughout the United States...but we minister weekly at Bayith Tephillah 1442 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH. Our prayer is to lay the foundation for a dragnet while we are still in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The dragnet, a parable of Messiah, is a return to the Home Church Fellowship that we read about in Acts 2:42-47.

Once a fellowship reaches full capacity, then it is time to launch the next home fellowship. They will come together initially once per month and then as it grows coming together 3 times per year in a much larger venue.

This is what we see as the season of preparation for the end-times generation and the upcoming season of persecution. I will close for now...Blessings!

In Simple Obedience and Love,

Evangelists Larry and Ana Walters

Sent to the Peoples of India and Beyond!

Acts 26:16-18



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