Real Discipleship through Compassionate Care Centers of India (CCCI)

Our 7-Fold International Ministry Outreach

Training- Our primary goal is to train indigenous ministers to unite as a team that is equipped to reach the unreached and unengaged persons in India with the Love of Christ. This will be accomplished through Pastoral Conferences; as well as daily, weekly, or monthly interaction with the disciples in the mission field as needed.

Lifeline Counseling- A non-residential community-based effort to address the problems of life-controlling addictions and situations through individual, family and community based relationships.

Education- Education is an ingredient of total community transformation. One educational focus is proper waste and sanitation management to promote a clean, healthy environment.

One Child at a Time- Ministering to the less fortunate and underprivileged children by providing an environment that will provide for them the opportunity for personal growth.

A Cup of Water- One community outreach will be to provide clean drinking water in strategic locations in order to maximize effectiveness.

Clothing & Blankets- Meeting Physical needs and establish community relationships.

Elder Care- Establishing Compassionate Feeding Ministries that provide 1 hot meal per day for seniors.

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