Many times in ministry we need to get alone with Abba and seek His face. Perhaps for simply spending time alone with Him. Perhaps for seeking His will. There are many reasons to set aside time to seek His face. Our call to India is a result of one of these special times.

     Our ministry in Harlan, KY has ended and we have several “open doors” before us. Many questions begin to arise. “Should we return to Ohio?” “Should we begin a new ministry in Leslie County, KY?” “Are we headed on the road as evangelists to/in America?” The list could go on-and-on but these are just a few.

     When you find yourself facing these types of questions; then it is time for a “shut-in” with Abba. What is a “shut-in?” Simply put, a shut-in is getting alone with our Heavenly Father, away from all of the distractions of life and listening intently for His voice. We see our Messiah Yeshua doing this often throughout His earthly ministry. (For examples of Yeshua getting alone with His Heavenly Father read Mark 6; Luke 6, 9, and 11.)

     Most importantly, when you shut-in with Abba, you need to remove or be removed from all the normal distractions of daily life. I have learned throughout the years that it is best to go to a private place than trying to create one in our home. You might be able to remove all of the distractions from your home, but family, friends, neighbors and strangers can interrupt your quiet time without knowing that you were “shutting-in.”

     There are certain items that you will want to bring along on your shut-in. Your Bible or a couple of Bibles, a Strong’s Concordance, a journal pen(s) and highlighters, worship music, and perhaps the elements needed for communion should be a part of your “shut-in” gear. Of the items listed, your Bible, journal and pen are most important. The other items I have found to be helpful though not essential.

     For this particular shut-in, a warehouse about 45 minutes away was available. Friends had allowed my wife and me to store most of our personal items while in this transitional phase. An unfinished office we had painted would become the “prayer room.” Items we had stored would provide this transformation. A place to rest, a folding table, pens, journals and journals from the past, a gospel proclaimer, cassette player, water cooler and office chair completed the room…but this is getting ahead…let’s start with the first day.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

     Thursday I arrived at the warehouse about noon for a 3 day shut-in; returning home Sunday evening. On the journey, it was quality preparation time. This was time to pray and declare to Abba the purpose of this shut-in, and a time to simply worship Him When we become open to Him, He can then write upon the tablets of our hearts.

     As I entered into the warehouse I heard “change your oil.”  So in the natural, I went to Wal-mart, bought what was needed to change the oil and filter and changed to oil. When shutting-in, we need to remember simply obedience and that what we see/hear/do in the natural has a spiritual result as well. So I also need to “Change my spiritual oil” too.

     As you read the book of Acts over and again they are replenished with fresh oil from above to accomplish the task(s) ahead. (Acts 4:23-33; Psalm 92:10) We need to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit. We are to be rivers flowing not reservoirs storing the moving of the Spirit.

     Then, when I completed the oil changes the next instruction was simple: “Look at all of your stuff out of order, get it in order for I am a God of order.” So I took the time to organize the items we had in storage and to begin to set in order the items needed for the prayer room. While I was organizing the items to be stored, I opened a box that contained all of my past notes and journals. This was a vital part of Abba moving for it was in these journals and notes He reminded me of the hours spent praying for the nations, asking for the nations and seeking the nations.


Friday, May 28, 2010

     Friday was spent in much reflection reviewing notes and old worship songs that have not been visited for many a season. This is why it is good to journal and it is equally important to become a good note-taker every time you hear someone teach/preach the Word of God. A journal is a noun…it does nothing on its own and will simply collect dust until the “-ing” is performed by you.

     As I began to reflect on the hours spent in prayer and the sermons noted on missions “the nations” began to be the call. Now we have seen Abba provide for us when on paper it was impossible so to rule out going to the nations was not an option. My questions were, “When?” and “How?”

     At this time the need for shelter for our shepherd, “Milagro” (miracle in Spanish) was strong and I asked, “Am I to buy a dog house or build one?” “Build it.” OK. I have never built a dog house before, so I began to make the necessary plans to build a shelter that would hold Milagro and this took some time. (Habakkuk 2:2-3 “write the vision…”)

     When I finished with the plans worship erupted in that warehouse! Why was worship pouring so strongly? Obedience; simple obedience. When we are in tune with the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) t he atmosphere of worship is created, irregardless of the situation or circumstances.

Saturday May 30, 2010

     Shabbat! Oh, how I love Shabbat and spending this time in the word and prayer. I listen to what is being taught and ask many questions concerning the weekly reading. “Can I find Yeshua in this portion?” Or, “How can this/these truths be applied to today?” Many more are asked and many answers are found.

     This week’s portion was “beha’ alotekha” found in Numbers 8:1-12:16. The Haftarah was Zechariah 2:14-4:7 and the Brit Chadashah reading was 1 Corinthians 10:6-13; and Revelation 11:1-19.

     So much was in these passages! In the Torah portion we begin with setting up the Menorah (oil), dedicating the Levites, the second Passover instituted, the Mishkan (Tabernacle) was set up and the instructions for the silver trumpets, Israel leaves Mt Sinai and Jethro leaves to return home. Of course as was the par for the course, Israel begins to complain and then Miriam and Aaron have a case of leprosy because of their Lashon Hara or evil speech.

     In the Haftarah, we find the two olive trees and the flowing of the oil for the heavenly menorah vision. Again, the oil; the oil must be a central theme for this shut-in. As we continue on with the Brit Chadashah, we have the admonition not to be like the nation of Israel desiring that which is evil. And the passage in Revelation is the two olive trees or witnesses flowing with signs and miracles. (Flowing…oil)


     Since the oil was the central them and it was also the opening message that I received, the oil must be my focus during this shut-in. As I began asking about the oil, the dog house returned… “Go price it, figure the costs.” “Abba, from the oil to this house again?” “OK.”

     I walked across the street and got the cost figures. It cost almost as much to build a new dog house as it does to buy one already built. “What is the difference?” You know what is in the one that you build. It also will give you the sense of accomplishment.

     David in 2 Samuel 24:24 stated that he would not offer burnt offerings that cost him nothing. So, either way, the cost was the same. Do you buy one or build one? Again, in Luke 14, we read about first counting the cost of discipleship. And this chapter closes with these words, “So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

-Luke 14:33-35

     In order to be counted worthy of being His disciple fresh oil for is critical. Also, on this night I was told that the fast is over but spend one more night here. So this is what I did. When I awoke I was refreshed energized and fresh oil was flowing in and through me.

     As I began to share my experience(s) with my bride, Ana, and our spiritual son & daughter, Tate and Tammy Adams, His peace began to flow over me. I set down and listened and was led to check my email. (What you may not know is that I have several email accounts and the dread of cleaning it up when the shut-in is over can be a daunting task.) So, in simple obedience, I opened our ministry email account and we were invited to India!

Since then, we have been given prophetic words concerning India and the souls that will be reached. We have also been given the apostolic anointing for India and prophesied that India was the next level of our training and that from there our world-wide ministry would be launched. (Aug 20-22, 2010)

     We felt like we were to lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel, and told that when we leave India we will feel as is we are leaving our hearts. Then as we go to the next place and then the next place, we will need this same level of commitment. We must be willing to lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel. And we must leave our hearts wherever we go.

     At the time of this writing we are about two weeks away from India and we are pressing in to Him and preparing to reach the unreached and unengaged with the Yeshua!

Please pray for us as we go. Partner with us with your prayers and financial support. Visit us in India or wherever Abba takes us! The Gospel must go forth and we must take it to them.

In Simple Obedience…we will go,

Larry and Ana Walters

Messianic Evangelist

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