Oh Praise the LORD!!

I have below a recent email from India. As you "hear" the joy that is contained in their voice(s) we pray that you will not bypass the needs. The Currency Exchange is approx 47:1 (That's 47 Ruppees for every dollar) So the monthly rent is close to $425 in India. They are looking at some land and several vans for the orphanized home.

Due to shipping rates and luggage restrictions is is better if we purchase clothing for the children in India. We also want to look for land that can be planted.

The needs physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need to be met. Please give with open hearts and let's adopt this family together. All of our ministry support is being designated for this trip. Our living expenses are minimal at present.


"My Dear beloved Larry Walters,Praise the lord Brother
        We have received your mail and we felt very happy.As you said that you are going to be
        with us a period of 3 months,We are heartfully ready make the preparation for your stay,
        with your kind support.
       Dear Larry Walters,Really we are very much rejoiced for asking our current needs.The current needs are
        1)We have been conducting our orphans home in a rental house(monthly paying house).Rent for this house
           is rupees.20,000 per month
        2)We need a vehicle for our ministry.
        3)Our orphans childrens need proper dress and proper nutritional diet.There are 35 childrens,out of them 22 boys
           and the rest of the 13 are girls.there ages are in between 7years to 15years.
     Dear Larry Walters,you have also asked our personal needs and they are as follows
        1)We need a own land for conducting the orphans home and also for church.
        2)We also need a vehicle for church and personal purposes
     Apart of these all needs,we  need some personal financial support so that we can extend our ministry futher to different
     places with your kind support.
    We are always praying for you and your ministry and also for your visit to India.
    Please pray for us in the name of our almighty god lord Jesus.Amen Amen Amen
    Yours sister
  Elim Full Gospel Ministry"

On the home front...

We have recently traveled through the road of automotive repairs. On our return trip from Ohio the AC went out (its back in)...and we were able to purchase some good used tires(2) for the back of the truck. As the tires were being replaced, the breaks and both tire sensors were replaced. Necessary repairs and maintainence are costly but, Praise God it is all paid in full!!

As we relocate our ministry in Ohio, we will update you concerning our mailing address. For now we will continue banking in KY. When you visit the "Contact Us" page you can donate securely online via Paypal.

Thank you all for yor heartfelt prayers and financial support. Because of your faitful giving we are able to walk through the open doors set before us!

In Simple Obedience,

Larry and Ana Walters