We Have been silent on our website for the past month as we prepare for what Abba has in store for us to do. Still we need to communicate with you our ministry prayer partners and supporters.
Here are links to our 2 new ministry outreaches:

1. http://www.facebook.com/RealDiscipleship each day we add meat to our BlogTalk Radio Episode right here! 

2. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evangelist-larry-walters we broadcast live from 7-7:15 EST daily. Currently we are walking through the Harmony of the Gospel and follow the Spirit as needed down a tributary or branch. You can enjoy our archives, share them with your family or friends, and there is also a place for you to call in and ask live questions. 

With these moving forward we have also joined The Arsenal City Wide Network; a ministry with a passion to unite the Body of Messiah. Here is a great quote from Pastor Gregory Fair, "We need to get together so we can be together." And again, " We need to look for opportunities to come together rather than excuses why we cannot."

We have ministered at Fresh Wind and Grace to Grace as well as The House of Prayer since we have returned from India.
And Ana and I have served on Saturday nights cooking at the Arsenal.

Presently we are in Eagle Pass, TX We came to visit Ana's family and Abba has us serving the recent flood victims during our stay. We will be here for the next week. (leaving 30 June 2013 Abba willing) There is still much to be accomplished and we need your prayers and financial support. The best way to sow at this time is via Western Union or Money Gram at Walmart.Send to: Larry Walters 419-566-1756 is my cell phone.

In Simple Obedience and Love,
2 Timothy 1:3-11