From instruction to application by Larry Walters

In my class and study assignment today we went over the difference between sheep that are “members” (seat fillers) and Mighty Men (those who are vested into your unified (shared) ministry vision. Both are needed and necessary in every congregation. Otherwise who would the ministers minister unto? Where do you believe you are in your local assembly? More to follow...

Let’s start today by reminding us that both Members and Mighty Men are essential in any assembly. With that being said, let’s start with Members. What they do, their characteristics, and 6 defining Qualities. Member Do:

1. Come to RECEIVE Ministry. They don’t know what they are called to be or do. They seem to always have needs.

2. They come to take resources... take, take, take. They do not change. And they want everything for FREE. They come for a meal, but don’t sow a dime.

3. They only give the minimal tithe or offering. They only give what is required of them, no more. They need to be encouraged to give.

4. Members are content to walk in obedience only. They are limited in the price they are willing to pay for Yeshua. They do only what they are asked then, “poof” they are gone. They need constant encouragement and affirmation. They attend “mandatory” meetings, but add a service or meeting and they are absent. They pray, but are not prayer warriors.

5. They serve the “church,” the assembly, and need recognized for it. They like praise. Fail to praise them and they become bitter. They might say, “No body appreciates what I do.”

6. They wait on a word from the prophets, or leaders.

7. They are hungry to learn. 

6 Qualities of Members:
1. They need to be taught or fed in order to become who they are called to be in the body of Messiah.

2. They have not been positioned by God nor prepared to operate in His power.

3. They do not have a source, nor a resource, that they can contribute to the unified or shared vision of the leader.

4. They give what is required and see the ministry as the leaders, not theirs.

5. They do not hear from God apart from a prophet or leader and ONLY DO what is minimally required. And...

6. They will be there to take as long as you are giving or feeding them. They are loyal only because it is convenient for them to have their need(s) met in/through you or the ministry.

Tomorrow I will post concerning the Mighty Men. Today, as you read over this list, ask yourself:
Does this define me?

When I honestly read the characteristics and qualities is this me?
Again, no judgment. This is a pulse on where you are in your walk with Messiah. Are you a Member? Praise Yah!

You are where you are planted to mature you in your walk with Messiah.



(As I closed the last teaching, I heard the Spirit say, “finish this now.” So, here you go.)

The Mighty Men...
1. They come TO minister to others. They don’t need to be entertained. They need the power of God.

2. They come to establish ministry and give our resources. They study so they are equipped to minister. And they add or contribute to the vision of the leadership or ministry. They will receive from a variety of sources AS LED by the Spirit. And if something is missing, they step up and do it.

3. They invest personal finances for the ministry. They’re not tithers, they sow much, much more and often give even our of their need. For they SHARE IN the vision, give resources, and pay the bills.

4. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the ministry including their finances, time, and person. Time that they might have set aside to do “x” will get put aside because the vision has another need. They are willing to give/do what ever it takes for the ministry’s unified(shared) vision. Family, yes it is important...BUT Yah comes 1st. And they are faithful to the vision of the leader and ministry.

5. Their motto is: “pour me out oh Yah make me a poured-out drink offering!” When they serve they serve as unto Yah. And they have no need of recognition.

6. They hear from Abba and bring that word. And that word will confirm the word and vision of the ministry.

7. They are hungry to LEAD.

6 Qualities of Mighty Men:
1. Already shaped by the hand of Yah, through training and external pressure.

2. Circumstances have already positioned them by Yah to prepare them FOR power.

3. Someone who has a sword (a position, or place of ministry to lay down) source, to contribute TO the unified vision of the leader and ministry.

4. Someone who invests their finances into the work of the ministry as if it was their own.

5. They have a personal Word from Yah confirming that they are one of the mighty men for that minister, leader, or ministry. (This confirms the Word the leader has received.)

6. The are committed and loyal to the leader and the shared vision. They are loyal even when everyone else leaves for “greener pastures” knowing that they are called to partner with the leader and their unified (shared) vision.

Mighty Men Required Reading:
Read 1 Corinthians 11:1 Luke 14:26-27 & 33 1 Samuel 18:1-5 1 Samuel 23:15-18 2 Samuel 5:1-4 1 Chronicles 11

Are you a Mighty Man? Do these things burn in you? Now I can pause...