Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support during our missions trip to India. Our "Project India Report" will be posted soon!!

As we are stateside, your faithful financial support is vital to our soon return to India. We have also been invited to 15 nations as a result of our faithfulness to going to India and doing what He sent us to do. So together, we will be going to the nations!!

Isn't it awesome to know that He is always faithful to us? And how He gave sacrificially of Himself for us to be able to go and serve him. Sacrificial Love requires Sacrificial Giving. This means we are not giving out of our surplus; rather, it means giving many times out of our necessity.

This is a year to establish your harvest. Give, and it shall be given unto you ...If we give sacrificially, then others will also sow into us like precious seed. Do not be dismayed by all of the prophets of gloom and doom. We do not operate out of a spirit of fear. We have been given the Spirit of power, and love and a sound mind!

Will you go with us in 2011? We believe so! He has begin a good work in us and He will perform it bringing about His good pleasure!!

In Simple Obedience...where He sends we will go,
Larry and Ana Walters
Messianic Evangelists