Although we do not celebrate “New Years Day” as celebrated by the world, we are ardent followers of the Creator’s Biblical Hebrew Calendar and making preparation for 6014, below is what we are hearing concerning 2014. Perhaps this is only for us. Perhaps it is for you as well. Pray, earnestly seek Him, His presence, and His face and invest time in His presence. And allow Him to speak to you and through you.


There have been many things I have told you, says Yahovah. And you have heard from Me. I have spoken to you through My Word, My prophets, My servants and you have received My Word and have guarded My Word. And you have waited.


There are those with whom you have shared what I have declared in your life and they have begun to ask, “When will this or that take place that you have told me Elohim has spoken unto you?” Many even have questioned, “Was that really Elohim you have heard from or were they simply the words of a man; worse yet are they nothing more than what you want?”


Do not be dismayed, says Yahovah. For in this same way Noah built the ark and Abram stepped out on the journey of a lifetime. For I have set the time in which I will fulfill My Word. Even as I sent Messiah when the fullness of time had come; the time for the birthing of the Word I have placed in you and your life is NOW.


“Listen as I have spoken, ‘the days are at hand, and the effect of every vision…For I AM Yahovah: I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass; it shall be no more prolonged…for in your days…will I say the word, and perform it,’ saith Adonai Yahovah.” Do not err even as the House of Yisra’el erred declaring that the vision and the prophesied Word was of times far off.


“Again…’there shall none of My Words be prolonged any more, but the Word which I have spoken shall be done,’ saith Adonai Yahovah.” (Eze 12:22-28) Have I not declared, “Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass: and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:”? (Isa 14:24) “My Word…that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but It shall accomplish that which I please, and It shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”(Isa 55:11)


So, now it is time for you to revisit again the sure word I have spoken unto you, saith Yahovah. Even and I caused My Word to come to pass against Yisra’el, bringing great calamity against them, I will cause My Word to come to pass in your life NOW. Now you will stand still and see the Salvation of Yahovah in your life. Now you will remember the former Words I have spoken unto you and you will again be stirred to speak them out.


Begin to declare back unto Me the very Words I have spoken unto you. Declare them, once again in your prayer closest unto Me. You have written them upon paper, typed them upon the keys, but now I will write them upon your life. Your life will be the visible epistle of My Word for all to behold and wonder in amazement.


Even as you have heard over and again multitudes concerning, “Now Faith is…” NOW My Word Is!  You have sought Me concerning that which I have promised. You have inquired of Me concerning My Word.


Not to question if it was My Word, for you know My voice. Rather to seek Me even as my early disciples asked, “Wilt Thou at this time…” And I have responded even as I responded to them, “It is not for you to know the times or seasons, which the Father hath put in His Own power.”


But Now, I am telling you plainly. The Words I have spoken to you through my Word and My Prophets and My servants which I have spoken is being released from heaven. My Word is going to be poured out upon you. My Word is about to overtake you and cause you to be established in the very thing My Word has declared over your life…it will now be in your life….declares Yahovah.


Have I not declared, “The steps of a good man are ordered by Yahovah: and he delighteth in his way”?  (Ps 37:23) Yes, I have ordered the steps. Each and every step I have purposed on your journey and I have ordered them to be in your life. Yes, ,there are times when you have fallen on the steps. But is it not written, “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for Yahovah upholdeth him with His hand”? (Ps 37:24)


Now it is time for you to climb the steps I have ordered in your life. There will come times when you will long for the lower levels. There will be times when the steps seem insurmountable. Then you must remember that I am He Who is holding your hand.


I am He that is walking this journey with you. I know the struggles ahead. So do not try to circumvent the steps. Do not try to skip over them. Each step is has with it a place of rest. As you climb each step your legs are growing stronger for I am using the steps to strengthen you.


Remember, the visions given for this year. Remember the Lieutenant bars and the call to leadership. And remember the vision of the empty ship burning in the harbor. Therefore there is no retreat; no surrender. Rest a while if you must. Then you must press on.


Allow each step to fulfill its purpose in your life…in your family…and in your ministry. There will be times when you are ready for the next step and your spouse or your children or you ministry partners are not ready for that step. For they have not yet arrived at the step you are presently standing on.


Then you must know that I have placed you in their lives in order to strengthen them with the strength I have given unto you. They need you to lift them to the next step, where you are so that you can refresh them there. Then they will be ready for the next step.


They may want to stay on “this step;” but you know that the journey is not completed. The staircase has not been fully climbed. And you will be the voice of encouragement for them to continue on. Yet, if they choose to linger, then you will need to press on. Do not fret or be dismayed. I will send another who will encourage them in their ascent upon the steps.


Know that the steps I have for you are not the steps I have for the multitudes. You are My chosen leader and you will train leaders. The multitudes will choose the simple path. You have been chosen to climb the steps.


Along the steps there will be partnerships formed. The journey becomes easier with partners. Allow me to place them on the steps with you. Be careful that you do not establish partnerships with the world or with those that the enemy sends to detain you or distract you. Before you enter into partnership with any; seek My Face.


When I place the partners in your life, in your ministry, they will encourage you and equip you for the step you are on and the journey ahead. The harvest is so great ahead of you that it will require partnerships to carry the catch back to the shore even as Simon had to call for his partners in Luke 5.


My Son told Simon to “let down your nets (not net) for a draught (catch of fishes)” Simon only let down a net (singular). And the catch I had for him was so great that I knew he would need to let down all of his nets for the harvest. So listen clearly and follow completely the instructions I give unto you.


And then, when I have established the partnerships in your life, the miracle harvest will impact you all. And then, when I call you to the next level, they will be ready and willing to take the next step and the next step with you.


This is what we are hearing from Yahovah in Dec as we prepare for 2014. At this time we are in preparation for the coming steps.

1.      Basic Biblical and Paleo Hebrew Instruction – 13 weeks starting 14 Jan

2.      Special Meetings 23-24 Jan at Bayith Tephillah

3.      Starting a local Discipleship Training Center 31 Jan – At The Arsenal

4.      Purim Prophetic Conference 13-15 Feb (pre-register and save)

5.      Passover TBA…will this year be a leap year giving us Adar ІІ or will Passover come very early?

6.      Kenya – May ???

7.      Next - ???


With all that we are hearing for 2014 we are reminded that it will be through key partnerships that are willing to go the second mile with us that will make all of this possible. We  need ministry partners who will pray, sow and go with us every step of the way.


Some will “go” with us through their prayers and financial support. And there are those who have been called to go with us and minister along side of us. Whatever “step” you are on in your journey, remember that what Yahovah has spoken to you is a NOW Word.


More to come…


In Simple Obedience and Love,                              

Evangelists Larry and Ana Walters

Isaiah 42:5-9